What Are the Side Effects of Using Marijuana for Migraines

The human brain is responsible for all the body’s voluntary action such as walking, going to the bathroom, cooking, and a lot more. It is so terrifying to think that your brain might experience infliction. One of the most progressive diseases found in the human brain is a migraine. A migraine affects your way of living; having this kind of brain disease is not easy.

Researchers have found out that a migraine starts in your early or late 20s. Once it starts, it gradually develops, especially in your 40s. Another added fact about this disease: It is curable. Numerous victims of the migraine condition are women. This topic seems to be so alarming, because it may lead its victim to death. The treatment for this progressive brain disease has been luckily disclosed.

Factors Causing Migraine

A simple absence of something might lead a person into brain damage. There are identified common factors that trigger a migraine. These include strong smells, inadequate hours of sleep, overuse of computers, too much eating of processed food, noisy and polluted environments, and more.

The mentioned factors can precipitate the migraine attack. According to the research, if your family has a history of a migraine, it may pass on to the new generation; this includes you, so start asking now. It is truly evident that the said condition is heritable. Whether or not your family has this history, prevention is still the best thing you can do.

Marijuana: The Treatment for Migraine

Marijuana has been widely used for hundreds of years as a treatment for a migraine. Researchers have discovered that marijuana is an effective herbal remedy to fight against severe headaches caused by a migraine.

This herbal medication has shown promising results, but thorough research about this matter is still subject for further studies to attain development. A migraine subsequently returns; if the manifestations arise again, then the migraine patient will have to use cannabis repeatedly.

So, it is possible that the user would become dependent upon using marijuana as a treatment. In a more straightforward manner, using this as a remedy for the said disease might result in various effects.

Marijuana: Its Effects on the Migraine Patients

Marijuana or cannabis has an active natural compound (cannabinoids) that interacts with your nervous system which includes the brain. This is possible due to the CB1 and CB2 or often called as cannabinoid receptors. There are cannabinoid receptors inside the human brain. Once the migraine patients use cannabis, the cannabinoids found in cannabis would look for the receptors inside their brain and body.

This is how cannabinoids work. It helps the patient to calm down the pain signals he or she has inside. On the other hand, it can really relieve pain. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are considered in this case.

The side effects of using CBD depend on the frequency of use. The migraine patients who use Cannabidiol (CBD) as their treatment may experience low blood pressure, drowsiness and stomach upset.  Stomach upset is defined as the abnormal function of digestion. It is often characterized by nausea, discomfort, and indigestion.

Risk Factors: The Use of CBD for Migraine Relief

The risk factors may depend on how the migraine patients use CBD as their treatment. If the patients are experiencing severe migraine condition, vaping CBD oil would be beneficial for them. Too much vaping CBD oil may irritate your lungs. Lungs irritation may cause breathing difficulties and chronic cough (lasts more than eight months). It is highly advised that if you already have a lung problem condition (e.g., asthma), this method may not be favorable for you. It would be better to consult your doctor first before starting this kind of medication for you to know the proper and improper ways of its application.


Researchers have also disclosed the benefits of the use of CDB. In accordance with the research made, CDB treats not only migraine but several diseases as well. The migraine patients sometimes exceed the proper dosage of CBD products. They become uncontrollable due to the pain they have experienced during the encountering with a migraine. Well, to avoid this case, there must be a guardian that supervises the patient. No matter how safe or effective the medicine is, if abusively used, side effects would surely appear.

Overall, misuse of any medications may harm you. Instead of getting well, lack of knowledge might worsen your condition. Following what the doctor has to say is not difficult. It only signifies that you are determined to be healed. Moreover, the volume of medication to be taken by the migraine patient would depend on the severity of his or her condition. Various studies are saying that Cannabidiol (CBD) is guaranteed safe, but the dosage itself plays a big factor with its effects. Remember at all times that the medication has an exemption and consideration. It means to say that the patients should receive medications suitable to their needs (rational use of medicine). For safety reasons, follow the prescriptions as per advised by your doctor.

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